February 26, 2022

Get Connected

Whether you are an academic, practitioner, resource provider, corporation, or an entrepreneur, if you have done work that others can benefit from relations to entrepreneurship and business ownership, we want to know about it, write about it, share it and make sure it is in the hands of those who can is it. The knowledge may be directly related to veteran or military family entrepreneurship, business owners or entrepreneurs, education and training, curriculum, tools, supports and services, or an assortment of other topics related to enterprise and business ownership. The COE is working to advance veteran entrepreneurship by learning, categorizing and sharing as much information as we can about this and related topics as possible.

What can you do?

Provide us with focused materials and knowledge – we are interested in collecting these resources and sharing them, as well as others. Please share any of the following with us and if you don’t see it here, inquire! We are probably interested in it if it provides opportunities for informed decision making, builds on research, or sets a new direction for research and practice.

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